The Nelson Park lakefront has had a rich history as Decatur’s preeminent lakeside landscape for strolling and gathering. Improvements to Nelson Park and the Nelson Park lakefront have been identified by the Decatur Park District, City of Decatur, Economic Development Corporation, Chamber of Commerce, Grow Decatur, and others as strategically important in revitalizing the Decatur economy.  The community has a vision to build upon this status and create a place that will become a catalyst for the Decatur of tomorrow.

Goals for the Lakeshore Landing project are to provide a unique venue for open space and entertainment, optimize and enhance community access to the lake, provide linkages from Nelson Park to Scovill Park, and create lakefront activities that will promote multi-generational and multi-seasonal use.

Lakeshore Landing will be more than just a collection of activities. It will be an immersive space programmed as a series of memorable experiences.


Project Summary & Resources

Project Snapshot as presented at the Unveiling Ceremony on September 19, 2012

Timeline for development as presented at the Unveiling Ceremony on September 19, 2012

Brand Standards & Parkscape Sourcebook

Nelson Park Master Plan as presented at the Decatur Community Leaders Breakfast on February 10, 2011.

5 Distinct Areas

Historic Nelson Park

Historic Nelson Park is a pastoral landscape for casual recreation. The design priority is to maintain the natural character of the park for strolling and gathering.

Pier 36

Pier 36 will be Lakeshore Landing’s entertainment district, with a boardwalk, shops, dining, and nightlife.

Overlook Adventure Park

This family entertainment zone will include a variety of themed attractions, including mini golf, high ropes, and water park.

Chandler Cove

This mixed-use development in Chandler Park will provide residents and shop owners the tranquility of living and working on the waterfront.

Scovill Park

Once the summer home and farm ground owned by Rose and Guy Scovill, this beautiful park is the site of Scovill Zoo, the Children’s Museum of Illinois, and Scovill Sculpture Park.





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