Dog Park

Fido Fields

Fido Fields is a 2-acre, fenced, off-leash dog park located in Fairview Park. The park is designed to provide a recreational
community space for dogs and their owners to exercise and socialize throughout the year. Fido Fields features an electronic,
double-gated entrance with a separate area for small dogs and large dogs.

HOURS: Sunrise – 10 p.m., year round


Nelson Park

The 3-acre Nelson Park dog park features large and small dog areas, as well as an electronic gate.

HOURS: Sunrise – 10 p.m., year round



Registration for Fido Fields and Nelson Park Dog Parks must be renewed annually. To register your pet (or renew your membership),
print out the registration form below and have your veterinarian complete it. Take the registration form to the DISC
(1295 West Wood), along with proof of current registration, veterinarian certification of current rabies, Bordetella,
distemper and parvo vaccinations, and proof of spay/neuter.

Download the Fido Fields Registration Form.

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